Jumbo Grilled Chicken, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard $4.49

Weenie Beenie

Weenie Beenie Arlington VA, Original half smoke, NC BBQ
2680 S Shirlington

est 1954, original half smoke, Foo Foo song, authentic NC BBQ Breakfast all day Arlington Lunch in Arlington, Weenie Beenie 


2680 S Shirlington Rd Arlington VA 22206

Our team

DeJohn, Prince and Adina are awesome, personal attention to every detail, and efficient.

Our history

Founded in 1954, original half smoke, authentic NC BBQ, breakfast served all day, GOOD FOOD DONE RIGHT!!

Our specialities

Half Smoke all the way - chili, mustard, relish, onion

Beef hot dog - all the way, you know

North Carolina BBQ vinegar base, homemade coleslaw, hot sauce,


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Weenie Beenie

2680 Shirlington Rd, Arlington, Virginia 22206, United States

(703) 671-6661


Monday - Saturday: 6am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

2680 S Shirlington Rd Arlington VA 22206